Summary of the AGM held at Mansfield Hosiery Mills 18th May 2015.

A full copy of the chairmans report can be provided if required. Please ask via the Swimming Clubs Facebook members page.

The Committee was elected and Nigel Spalding stood down after 6 or more years as the Swim 21 Co-ordinator. The Committee thanked Nigel for all his hard work over these years. Sue Edwards takes over this role on the committee.

Ryan Hawley also stood down from the social secretary role and handed over the role to his wife Claire Hawley. Again thanks was passed for all of Ryan's work on the committee.


The full committee for 2015 is as follows:

  • Chair and Boys Team Manager - Andy Quinn

  • Secretary, Membership Secretary and Girls Team Manager - Alison Hudson

  • Treasurer - Lesley Fergie

  • Head Coach - Lee Bunker

  • Swim 21 CoOrdinator and Fund Raiser - Sue Edwards

  • Welfare Officer and Kit Officer - Chris Woodhall

  • Trophy Secretary and Volunteer CoOrdinator - Sue Dobbs

  • Social Secretary - Claire Hawley

  • Public Relations (Press) Officer - Paul Jones


Honoury Committee Members:


  • Allen Urch MBE

  • Gren Greaves

  • Christine Greaves

  • Brian Hinson


At the committee meeting that followed the AGM the membership fees for 2016 were discussed and it was agreed that for the first time in a number of years it was necessary to slightly increase the annual membership fees in order to meet rising costs.


From January 2016 the new membership fees will be as follows:

  • Cat 1 - £17 (increase of £2)

  • Cat 2 - £35 (increase of £5)

  • Cat 3 - £10 (no increase)


It is hoped that you will all agree that the club continues to go from strength to strength and I hope that you will all continue to support us. As the club continues to grow we will increasingly require more volunteers so if anyone else wishes to assist in any way then please have a word with Sue Dobbs our volunteer coordinator who is always looking for additional helpers.

Annual General Meeting 2015

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